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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another fine week-

Skiing today, in a blinding snowstorm and it was wonderful. I didn't stay all day and that was probably a good thing because the road coming down was already snow covered and sloppy. Waiting until the crowd was all trying to get down would have only made the trip really ugly.

Coming home early had another unplanned effect, a trip to the urgent care for the spouse. She finally decided that the pain in her head was in fact a sinus infection and the Doc agreed and offered up a script for some antibiotics. So, we had a trip to the Doc-in-a-box and Wal-Mart for the pharmacy fill-up.

Saturday I skipped going skiing under bluebird skies just becasue I didn't feel like driving up by myself. I've got to find another ski buddy! Not a lost day though because I got more work done on the motorcycle and several hours of practice on my guitar.

The Suzuki is just about back together. I had to order a used tail section from Ebay and lucky for me, it was the right one for the motorcycle and a much better fit than the broken one that came on the bike. It even matches the color of the gas tank though both could really stand a re-paint. I've not decided, or committed to repainting the bike but perhaps when it warms up I'll get motivated to make it all one color. I did fix a broken tab on one of the sidecovers with a bit of built up plastic that I think will be a good fix. I am really pleased with how the bike is looking already and I'm getting excited about getting it cranked up so I can ensure that everything runs properly before riding season hits.

The spouse and I also snuck out for an early movie, Reno 911- Miami. What a stinker! I really wanted to like this movie and it did have a (very) few yucks but overall, its not funny and not worthy of popcorn money. I wish there was more to say about this film but I was disappointed and thought this was one that should have gone straight to DVD.

So, a nice weekend. Little drama and much relaxing and there's a cat sleeping on my lap tonight while I blog. Just about perfect.

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